I started AWS Beginner to document my journey into Amazon Web Services (AWS).  If you want to learn AWS, you will quickly drown in the ocean of training courses.  There is a lot out there, and it’s hard to keep up.  Focus is crucial for us to move forward.

At AWS Beginner, I’m attempting to navigate the sea of learning resources.  I hope to document, structure, and review whats out there.

Because I’m trying to learn AWS myself, I hope to provide clear and unbiased reviews of what’s out there.  I plan on making this blog a centralized place where we can structure and document the path to learning AWS.  It also will be nice to bring along others along for the ride.  AWS and Cloud Computing in general is still a relatively new technology, with AWS starting up in 2006

Amazon Web Services

I did NOT come up with AWS Beginner to make ANOTHER training service for AWS.   My goal is to leverage training already available.  AWS Beginner is for people who want to learn AWS properly, so we don’t drown in the oceans of information available.

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I look forward for us to learn AWS together!