AWSBeginner Skills

Right now, I’m studying and developing my expertise in AWS.  I’m still learning the ropes and there’s a lot to learn, but persistency and consistency go a long way.  So far, I’ve got 3 AWS certifications under my belt:

I want to complete the Associate “Trifecta” by getting the AWS Developer Associate, which I’m currently working on.

After that, I have my eyes set on the Big Data Specialty and the DevOps Engineer Pro Certification.  I may go for the Advanced Networking Speciality as well.

To supplement the AWS knowledge, I feel it’s important to have some of the other tools to “cloud” effectively.   Having a foundation in Linux and DevOps tools are important.  So I plan on going for COMPTia’s Linux+ certification.  And as for DevOps tools, I’m focused on AWS Cloudformation, Terraform, Ansible, and Jenkins.

Finally, my coding language of choice is Python, one of the most upcoming and popular languages in IT.

Anyways that’s a bit about the skills I have and am working on to be an effective Cloud Engineer.  Below is my latest resume for anybody interested.

AWS Resume 4.75